Introduction to Performance Tuning in Azure SQL Database

Are you interested in performance tuning in Azure SQL Database?  You are in luck!  Procure SQL’s very own founder, John Sterrett [t,b] is giving an Introduction to Performance Tuning Azure SQL Databases in Idera’s April 26th GeekSync! 

Come spend an hour with John and learn how Azure measures performance with DTU’s and how DTU usage can impact data loads, migrations, and your daily workload.

John will cover:

  • how to monitor changes in performance to determine if you should pay more or less for the right performance tier for your workload;
  • which existing tools and processes you can leverage from managing on-premises instances to managing Azure SQL Databases; and
  • identify which databases might need some tweaks and others that need no changes to help you monitor performance.


Join our friends at Idera to learn more about Geek Sync!

The event is online and FREE!  Did I mention FREE???  Sign up here

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