Health Checks

Have you been neglecting the gym?  Did you forget to schedule your yearly health exam?  Are you unsure how healthy your database and SQL Server is? 

Just like our bodies, every database needs regular monitoring, maintenance, and care.  Your SQL Server can be less secure, unperformant, one mistake away from critical dataloss!

We will spend two weeks running diagnostics on the server, operating system, instance of SQL Server, and your databases.

Our Health Checks investigate:

  • database architecture
  • backup history
  • problematic code
  • storage usage
  • database file space
  • look for corruption
  • as well as a long list of other factors.

We will provide you a clear picture of the health of your database systems and line out the steps needed to ensure a healthy database for your company.

We offer a comprehensive report of priority actions that need to be done…low hanging fruit.