Successfully Migrate to Azure SQL Database

Successfully Migrate to Azure SQL Database

by JohnSterrett

We want to do everything we can to help make sure your migration to Azure SQL Database is a success even if you don’t use us.  Therefore, we are sharing our links to helpful reference material including videos, white papers, blogs, and more.

Successfully Migrate to Azure SQL Database

Let us help point you in the right direction. Use our reference material to help make your migration to Azure SQL Database a success

Migrating to Azure SQL Database

Here is how you can perform an Azure SQL Database Live Migration with no downtime.

Here is my recommended way of pushing backpac’s around. Learn more about Using SQLPackage to Import or Export backpacs 

The following are some more great tips to help your Initial Sync using Transactional Replication to Azure SQL Databases.

Your Azure SQL Database Service Level Agreement might not be exactly what you assume it is. Read the SLA and make sure you plan to meet your business SLA.

Leverage the Azure SQL DTU Calculator to help you find a good starting tier for your database or elastic pool. I still encourage you’re to validate acceptable performance for your workload before going live.

To help you get an expectation for your expenses understand the service tiers with Azure SQL Databases and utilize the Azure Price Calculator.

Azure CAT thoughts on Migrating

Performance Tuning with Azure SQL Database

Want to know how performance is measured? Here is Microsoft’s definition of DTU.

Monitoring the wait statistics in your Azure SQL Database.  In case you, want a great process for the box product it’s a little different and you can get that here.

Azure SQL Database Data Tuning Adviser is not the same as the good old Data Tuning Adviser that was added many major versions ago.

Migration Tools

Microsoft® Data Migration Assistant v3.2

Azure DTU Calculator

Load Test with Visual Studio in the Cloud

Azure Managed Instance

Managed Instances will help bridge the gap between on-prem and Azure SQL Databases to help make your migration process easier.  The following are some great links on this in-preview feature.

After Your Migration

Once you migrate your databases all data management tasks are not done. While Microsoft manages a lot of basic trivial DBA tasks for you there are still a lot of areas where you must manage tasks.

Finally, if you made it this far and you want some more guidance we would love to help.  Contact us and we will set up a free thirty-minute consultation to help make sure you are on the right track to make your migration to Azure SQL databases a success.