Needing to upgrade or patch your SQL Servers, migrate to completely new servers, or install an entirely new version?

The Procure SQL team is here to help!

Upgrading or migrating your SQL Server is not as simple as it may seem. Procure SQL will make sure you avoid downtime and corrupted data.  With our many years of experience and knowledge, you can feel confident that we will use all the best practices to ensure a smooth transition for company

Minimizing Downtime During Upgrades and Migrations is the key to success.

We understand that your databases are the lifeblood of your thriving business.  Your success is our success, we will migrate with as little downtime and data loss as possible.

Large data that will take hours to update or migrate?  No worries, our knowledgeable team will research, plan, and implement best practices to ensure your seamless transfers with very little downtime; meaning we will work hard to make sure your business doesn’t skip a beat.