“It’s been easy to engage Procure SQL on an as needed basis. They’re available – no long wait times to get started. And it’s easy to get approval to bring them in because the results have been there. They’re meeting our goals for the right price.” – Eric Cornwell, IT Manager, Tour de Force, Inc.  Download our Case Study


“Many times we’ve reached out for help with performance tuning some very intricate and difficult queries. During these sessions, I gained more knowledge and upgraded my skill set thanks to the teaching and training mentality that John (founder of Procure SQL) displays and implements.” – Dale Cunningham/Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator MCITP


“I am extremely happy with John’s performance.  His skill level is exceptional, and I know I can always count on him to get the job done with the quality I expect.  In addition, he consistently goes above and beyond to help, and has proven to be a tremendous resource for us to use.” – Kent Elmer, Director of Application Development and Software Architect, Xtend Healthcare


“John is one the best and smartest SQL Server consultants I have worked with over 25+ years in the business. John was part of my team at Linchpin People and I work with him now through his company Procure SQL. John has deep and wide knowledge of SQL Server and in particular is one of the best SQL Server performance tuning people that I know. He has excellent communication skills and is gifted in handling challenging customer scenarios. I can give John any SQL Server related problem in his skill set and have complete confidence that the customer will be happy when all is said and done. I have worked with hundreds of SQL Server consultants over the years. John is one of the best.” – Brian Moran, Partner and Chief Servant Officer of Linchpin People